Commercial Disputes & Corporate Claims

Commercial disputes relating to corporate matters, including those involving shareholders, can often lead to significant disruption in the day to day running of your business. Corporate claims and shareholder disputes are best resolved as soon as possible.

Resolving Commercial Disputes

BLS  Law are experts in resolving Commercial Disputes both decisively and sensitively. Our clients value our expertise and also recognise our ability to advise on the most appropriate range of resolution options available including alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation.

Commercial disputes and corporate claims can become complex and is a highly specialised area of law. As such, these situations should only be handled by experienced and dedicated lawyers such as ourselves.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary service and years of experience. BLS Law can assist a range of businesses, from large multi-national corporates and public companies to privately-held businesses and individuals. We work across a wide range of industries and sectors.

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