Adoption is a legal proceeding that places a child with a non-biologically related parent – enabling the child to have the same legal rights as if he or she was related by blood.

Adoptions can be complicated

Because of the emotional nature of adoptions, the legal framework in the UK works to protect the individual’s rights. Occasionally these interests conflict – for example, the rights of the birth parents and the adoptive parents, and so a barrister is often required to find the best solution for all parties, primarily the child’s.

After an adoption order is made. It is possible (although very rarely allowed) for such orders to be terminated, and in such cases you will also need legal advice to fight your case.

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Our adoption specialists will be able to explain any of the adoption procedures you will be required to go through. We can also handle paperwork and make sure you understand your current and future legal rights, and the legal rights of the adopted child.

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