A company is considered to be insolvent under English law if it is unable to pay its debts. Corporate insolvency is a complex issue and will require the help of an expert to handle.

Our litigation and commercial team will work together to explain your options and guide you through the various “rescue” mechanisms and procedures which may allow for the survival of an insolvent company.

How we can help with Corporate Insolvency

It is often important to determine whether a company is insolvent or not for many reasons. For example, insolvency is a prerequisite for the initiation of formal insolvency proceedings.

If a company is insolvent when it enters into a certain transaction and formal insolvency proceedings are commenced within a specified time, that transaction may be open to challenge, and may cause further issue for the company.

In addition, whether a company is solvent or not will determine whether a voluntary liquidation is controlled by its creditors or members. Directors also owe certain duties once a company is insolvent.

The process is a complex one, and as such you will need a Corporate Insolvency solicitor to help you through it. That’s exactly what BLS Law can provide.

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