If you’re involved in a dispute, perhaps with a neighbour, at work, or because of a product or a service, you may need legal advice from an expert to help you win, or limit your losses.

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From fraud and investor disputes to unpaid debts and Breaches of Contract, our team can help you resolve your situation.

For individuals, you will find our services and advice very straight-forward and clear. We take the time to explain the steps to you and ensure that you are confident and happy with how your financial dispute is being handled.

When it comes to companies, our litigation department deals with a vast array of Financial Disputes, ranging from simple debt recovery actions to undue influence, misrepresentation claims and investment fraud.

We work closely with leading experts to analyse risks, protect assets and resolve disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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From large companies to individuals, if you are having a financial dispute then you can contact our Financial Dispute experts. Our cases are often high value and can span a number of international jurisdictions. Our particular strength is in the swift resolution of highly sensitive and complex disputes, as well as our pride in our exemplary services.

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