A Trust is an agreement created when assets such as property, shares or money are transferred to a trustee (or trustees) to be held on behalf of one or more people – the “beneficiaries” of the trust. Trustees are responsible for giving making sure the intentions of the “settlor” (the person who creates the trust) are carried out.

Why are Trusts useful?

Trusts are used in order to avoid or address specific financial or property problems. They allow for control and distribution of assets by nominated trustees, which means they are viable for both personal and commercial uses. The two key areas trusts are used for are domestic matters (such as family assets) and taxation.

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Our experts will assess your specific needs and assist in the creation of the Trust, ensuring what we create is complaint with the essential legal formalities. We’ll ensure your Trust is valid and operates effectively in accordance with the settlor’s intentions.

Breach of Trust

Being a trustee is an onerous role as there are specific duties which all trustees must observe and comply with. Failure to do so may lead to the trustee or trustees incurring liability (e.g. for breach of trust or fiduciary duty).

Our team are on hand to advise both trustees and beneficiaries on their respective positions in respect to any actual or potential breaches which may have occurred.

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